1890 Prize List Front Cover

1890 Prize List Front Cover

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The early CNE, known as the Toronto Industrial Exhibition, was a traditional agricultural fair with a myriad of traditional agricultural competitions including cattle auctions, horse show, poultry, sheep, and ram exhibitions to name a few. Prize lists, like this one, were dedicated to all forms of competitions with categories, prizing and competitors listed. The woman on the cover holds a plaque representing the provinces and territories that were part of the Canadian confederation in 1890. The cornucopia, a symbol of abundance represents the CNE’s agricultural roots while the laurel wreath symbolizes peace and victory.

1890 Prize List Front Cover
CNE Archives, C3-S1-I15

Limited Edition
Certificate of Authenticity included certifying the print as authentic limited series reproduction issued by the Withrow Common Gallery. Available 1-25 of 25.

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