2016 Medallion – Women's Vote
2016 Medallion – Women's Vote

2016 Medallion – Women's Vote

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The 2016 CNE medallion celebrates the 100th anniversary of Canadian women's first right to vote. In 1916, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta were the first provinces to support the right of women to vote in provincial elections; Ontario and Canadian women's right to vote in federal elections followed in 1917. This historic moment was the beginning of voting equality for Canadian women; in 1929 women were constitutionally recognized as equal to men and decades thereafter, women in all provinces had voting equality.
This medallion, while celebratory of Canadian women's voting rights, is a reminder of the continued work for equality rights that remains to be done.
  • Medallion Size: 5 cm diameter, 3 mm thick
  • Front Edge Text: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women's First Right to Vote in Canada
  • Comes in a plastic sleeve or optional velvet box